S-CATH Esophageal Temperature Probe


Designed for the Unique Needs of the OR and EP Lab

During therapeutic procedures, esophageal temperatures can change quickly.  S-CATH provides faster, more accurate temperature detection to both HOT and COLD temperature changes. The probe deploys an array of 12 fully insulated, fast response temperature sensors on a uniquely designed soft, flexible, “S” shape providing Edge-to-Edge coverage.

Designed for the Unique Needs of the OR and EP Lab

Specifications and Ordering Information

Number of Temperature Sensors

12 (+1 400-Series Thermistor)

Shape of Deployed Array

Flexible S-Shape positions 12 sensor array throughout the esophagus

Type of Temperature Sensor


Temperature Measurement Range

0ºC to 45ºC

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.3ºC from 25-45ºC
± 0.4ºC from 0-24.9ºC

Probe Diameter (OD)

10 French / 3.3 mm

Usable Length

65 cm (tip to connector housing)

Sensor Band Material


Sensor Band Length

2.5 mm

Exposed Metal (per sensor)


Probe Shaft Material

Polyurethane (Barium-loaded) with Medical-grade Pebax® Coating



Connector (s)

Unidirectional Connector to Cable

Electrical Safety

Meets IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1: 2012 when used with CIRCA Scientific Interconnect Cable and Monitor

# of Stylets


Packaging Unit

1 unit / shelf box

Packaging Description

Thermoform tray with cover




Three years from date of manufacture

Key Benefits

Response Time

An independent study of 198 applications in 10 patients, the S-CATH recognized an initial temperature rise of 0.2ºC 17 seconds faster than a single sensor probe.1

Edge to Edge Coverage

In the same study, a temperature rise of >2.0°C was recorded 40 times by the S-CATH. Single sensor probes missed 90% of those temperature rises.1

RF Antenna Effect

PEBAX coating electrically insulates temperature sensors so there is no bare metal exposure.

Lateral Positioning Problems

Linear and single sensor temperature probes, no matter how fast, are prone to far lateral positioning in the esophagus.

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S-CATH Resources

S-CATH Accessories

CIRCA Interconnect Cable

The CIRCA S-CATH Interconnect Cable is designed to connect the CIRCA S-CATH™ and the S-CATH™ M to the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™.

CIRCA Temperature Standard

The CIRCA Temperature Standard is used to verify the accuracy of the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™.

CIRCA Data Transfer Drive

The CIRCA USB Data Transfer Drive is used to download temperature data files from the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™.

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Regulatory Information

Indications for Use

The Esophageal Temperature Probe is intended for continuous temperature monitoring. The radiopaque probe is designed for placement in the esophagus.

Regulatory Clearances

FDA 510(k)


1 Tschabrunn, CM, et al., Comparison between single- and multi-sensor esophageal temperature probes during atrial fibrillation ablation: thermodynamic characteristics, Europace 2015 doi:10.1093/europace/ euu356.

2 Electrical and Thermal Effects of Esophageal Temperature Probes on Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation: Results from a Computational Modeling Study; Pérez JJ, d’Avila A, Aryana A and Berjano E, ; doi: 10.1111/jce.12630