S-CATH M Esophageal Temperature Probe

Accuracy you can trust. Now visible on 3D cardiac mapping systems

S-CATH M is the only rapid-response, multi-sensor esophageal temperature probe visible on 3D mapping systems that is designed to provide high-density, edge-to-edge coverage of the esophagus during therapeutic procedures performed in the OR and EP Lab.

Accuracy you can trust. Now visible on 3D cardiac mapping systems

Specifications and Ordering Information

Number of Temperature Sensors

12 (+1 400-Series Thermistor)

Shape of Deployed Array

Flexible S-Shape positions 12 sensor array throughout the esophagus

Type of Temperature Sensor


Temperature Measurement Range

0ºC to 45ºC

Temperature Accuracy

± 0.3ºC from 25-45ºC
>± 0.4ºC from 0-24.9ºC

Probe Diameter (OD)

10 French / 3.3 mm

Usable Length

65 cm (tip to connector housing)

Sensor Band Material

Copper / Gold

Sensor Band Length

2.5 mm

Exposed Metal (per sensor)


Probe Shaft Material

Polyurethane (Barium-loaded) with Medical-grade Pebax® Coating



Mapping Electrodes Type







2.5 mm

Exposed Metal (per electrode)




Connector (s)

Unidirectional connector to Temperature Cable, Unidirectional connector to Mapping Cable

Electrical Safety

Meets IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1: 2012 when used with CIRCA Scientific Interconnect Cable and Monitor

# of Stylets


Packaging Unit

1 unit / shelf box

Packaging Description

Thermofrom tray with Tyvek cover


Sterile (Ethylene Oxide)


Three years from date of manufacture

Key Benefits

Visibility in Context

Visibility on impedance-based 3D cardiac mapping systems allows physicians to view the location of the esophageal probe

Minimal Metal Exposure

S-CATH M’s proprietary electrode design uses PEBAX insulation to cover over 50% of the electrodes' surface area.

Trusted Accuracy

The new S-CATH M, with its familiar sinusoidal shape, continues to provide the performance you expect from CIRCA Scientific.

Edge to Edge Coverage

Intelligently positions 12 sensors throughout the length and width of the esophagus, ensuring critical temperature changes are not missed.

S-CATH M Resources


CIRCA Interconnect Cable

The CIRCA S-CATH Interconnect Cable is designed to connect the CIRCA S-CATH™ and the S-CATH™ M to the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™.

Mapping Interconnect Cable

S-CATH™ M mapping interconnect cable connects CIRCA S-CATH™ M to impedance-based 3-dimensional mapping systems.

CIRCA Temperature Standard

The CIRCA Temperature Standard is used to verify the accuracy of the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System™.

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Regulatory Information

Indications for Use

The CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System is composed of CIRCA Temperature Monitor and CIRCA S-CATH M Probe and is intended for the continuous detection, measurement and visualization (in °C) of esophageal temperature. The intended environments of use are operating rooms and interventional electrophysiology rooms. The CIRCA Monitor must be used in conjunction with the CIRCA S-CATH M Probe.

The role of esophageal temperature monitoring using this device in reducing the risk of cardiac ablation-related esophageal injury has not been established. The performance of the CIRCA Temperature Monitoring System in detecting esophageal temperature changes as a result of energy delivery during cardiac ablation procedures has not been evaluated.

Regulatory Clearances and Standards

FDA 510(k) Clearance


* Always make sure to have a primary and secondary imaging source available and retain the ability to verify probe location with fluoroscopy if needed.

** Location data obtained using the CIRCA S-CATH M Esophageal Temperature Probe does not delineate the full width of the esophagus, the actual location of the esophageal wall, the location of individual temperature sensors, or the actual (sinusoidal) shape of the probe. Location data solely delineates the centerline of the CIRCA S-CATH M Probe