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14 Inverness Drive East
Suite H-136
Englewood, CO

Phone: 1.303.951.8767

Fax: 1.303.951.8769
Email: info@circascientific.com

CIRCA Scientific was founded in 2009 to innovate safe, accurate, and fast technologies for improved patient care. Located in Englewood, CO, CIRCA Scientific has become the technological leader in the field of innovative esophageal temperature monitoring.

CIRCA launched its flagship products, the CIRCA S-CATH™ and Esophageal Temperature Monitoring System in the United States in 2011. Since that time, CIRCA has built a global sales and marketing presence.

In 2013, CIRCA launched the first esophageal temperature system specifically designed to accurately monitor COLD changes in esophageal temperature.

In 2016, CIRCA launched the S-CATH M, the first S-CATH which had the capability to be visualized on non-fluoroscopic mapping systems (Non-US Countries Only).

CIRCA is now represented globally by specialized distributors.

U.S. Patents 9,155,476 B2 and 9,668,655

Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.