About Circa Scientific

CIRCA Scientific is an emerging medical device company which was founded to develop highly responsive Esophageal Temperature Monitoring products for use when speed and accuracy are critical. The company’s technology uses multiple temperature sensors on uniquely shaped flexible probes which deploy the sensors throughout the esophagus. CIRCA Scientific is privately held and based in Englewood, Colorado.

Hot & Cold Esophageal Temperature Monitoring

CIRCA’s S-CATH™ Hot & Cold Esophageal Temperature Monitoring System improves esophageal temperature monitoring with a superior design and unmatched accuracy. Twelve electrically insulated, fast-response temperature sensors on a soft, flexible self-expanding probe which conforms to the shape of the esophagus and provides maximum esophageal coverage. The CIRCA System is accurate in the extremes of both Hot and Cold (down to 0°C) temperatures.

Visit CIRCA at the

Asian Pacific Heart Rhythm Society Meeting
Melbourne, Australia
November 19-22, 2015
Exhibit #29

AF Symposium 2016
Orlando, Florida
January 14-16, 2016
Exhibit  #327